House Season 4 Episode 13 : No More Mr. Nice Guy

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I got curious on how niceness suddenly became a medical condition. Apparently, sudden change in attitude ( shown « HERE » ) shows chemical imbalance in the body. In a broader perspective, niceness may be a better "evolutionary strategy" in social organisms like humans, ants and termites, as discussed by Prof. Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene. This niceness, throught practice, would eventually develop into "societal norms", and later, as the organisms' thought processes improve, be dictated into "organizational rules" or better yet "laws".

Looking at laws this way, makes it easier to accept "punishment" as consequence to breaking the rules. Because now, you are not punished by mere practicing what you want but because your survival as a species altogether is endangered.

A simple law like "Bawal Tumawid, Nakamamatay!" ( Crossing is prohibited, death ensues!) to more complex rule, (say, the revised penal code) though differing in complexity of the rule and rule-breaking provisions, may be construed beneficial to preservation of the species.

So, be nice to other people, be nice to your family, not because it is dictated by your religion, but because you are doing the whole humanity a favor by doing so.

Also, in the other episode the line was mentioned:

"Religion is a symptom of irrational belief and groundless hope. Altered mental status on the other hand is a symptom of porphyria.... People don't change. They may want to. They may need to."

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