House Season 4 Episode 13 : No More Mr. Nice Guy

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I got curious on how niceness suddenly became a medical condition. Apparently, sudden change in attitude ( shown « HERE » ) shows chemical imbalance in the body. In a broader perspective, niceness may be a better "evolutionary strategy" in social organisms like humans, ants and termites, as discussed by Prof. Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene. This niceness, throught practice, would eventually develop into "societal norms", and later, as the organisms' thought processes improve, be dictated into "organizational rules" or better yet "laws".

Looking at laws this way, makes it easier to accept "punishment" as consequence to breaking the rules. Because now, you are not punished by mere practicing what you want but because your survival as a species altogether is endangered.

A simple law like "Bawal Tumawid, Nakamamatay!" ( Crossing is prohibited, death ensues!) to more complex rule, (say, the revised penal code) though differing in complexity of the rule and rule-breaking provisions, may be construed beneficial to preservation of the species.

So, be nice to other people, be nice to your family, not because it is dictated by your religion, but because you are doing the whole humanity a favor by doing so.

Also, in the other episode the line was mentioned:

"Religion is a symptom of irrational belief and groundless hope. Altered mental status on the other hand is a symptom of porphyria.... People don't change. They may want to. They may need to."


FF Film Fest and Random Thoughts

FF Film Fest

Last Saturday, I went to U.P. Film Institute in U.P. Diliman to see the first FilipinoFreethinkers' Film Festival. I was impressed at how many people came. I have to congratulate the people who toiled hard to prepare for this event. It is not an easy undertaking moreover, getting people to come and watch movies that would inspire them to think, to criticize, to open up their minds and let their brain faculties work is not an easy task.

Letting Go of God

I really wished that I didn't have to go that early last Saturday. I was enjoying the main feature "Letting Go of God" by Julia Sweeney. I don't know if she was a comedienne of some sort, but I like her style of portraying her "awakening" so to speak.

As my friend Kelly and I walked away from Cine Adarna that day, we talked about our take on respecting people with beliefs other than ours. I explained to him that I do respect people with their beliefs, but I don't respect religion in any way. Julia has a nice way of putting off of people that tries to push their beliefs to her. I don't think that I am going to be like that. I remember about a month ago, a couple ladies from Jehovah's Witness knocked (actually, buzzed) on our door (read: buzzer). I went down to answer the call, when I opened the door, these two ladies started talking about how lucky I am that they were there to bring God's Good News. Just waking up from bed, I looked hard at them. Really hard. Then told them if "God really had a message from me, why give them to you... Tell him to bring it here to me personally instead... Thank you." shut the door, then went back upstairs. I know that they mean no harm. But was that really necessary? I mean come on, if religion is not a business, why this marketing strategy? Were they even paying their flock to perform such "duties?" I think not. And why are they (the flock) doing it? Just to have a favor to their Great Sky Daddy in the after life? Really? That's it? At least Insurances come with notarized paper and you have to pay for it until you die. I really wish that people could see the light on this on their own. Clinging on to religion does not make sense. It's costly and you get nothing from it. It's time consuming and no good comes out of it. It causes panic, trouble and injustice. Promotes diseases and most of all, prevents man's development.

No religion for me. Thank you.