What's Up! Roman Catholics' Youth Day

Hi blog,


The Catholics are calling it the world youth day.

I used to be a part of this almost 13 years ago. I don’t regret ever going there nor do I want to remember it but hey, there’s just no use. Whenever this event comes up, I am reminded that I was once a blind follower.

Time to take away the blinds that cover the said “occasion”


First, as one blogger pointed out, (can’t quite figure out where I read it) it shouldn’t be called the World Youth Day. It’s d*mn offensive. Could you please call it “THE CATHOLIC YOUTH DAY”. Better yet, call it the proper way: “THE WORLD UNTRUTH DAY” .

Second, it is not true that welcoming all these people would boost your tourism economy. For pete’s sakes, they are there because of the EVENT and not for TOURISM. Believe me, after they had gone to your place because of this event, they will not be back in a long time, well at least most of them won’t. You ask why? BECAUSE your WORLD UNTRUTH DAY participants are FUNDED by the people who, themselves cannot go to the event. How many poor people live their lives, working, striving really hard just to have food at their table 3x a day, 7 days a week, give ALMS to their churches just to be wasted on these “righteous” people to go to other countries to have fun, to mingle with other people. What if you put all the money you have, instead of giving the Pope a pope mobile, which he really doesn’t need if he just stayed at the Vatican, and gave all the poor people enough CAPITAL to START THEIR LIVES to become productive, earning citizens of their respective countries.

Third, what is the essence of sending the youth to these events? As far as I know these gathering help in reinforcing the FUDs (Fears, Uncertainties, Doubts) about reality. In my time, we are taught (not made to realize, btw) that all men( and women of course) are sinners. What’s wrong with that? For one, it is a BIG LIE! Sinners, to whom? Sinners of what? What did I do wrong? What did I do to deserve everlasting punishment in fire and eternal torment? (maybe this blog, but who cares) Nothing? Are you sure? I know I am. Hell is the sickest, vilest idea that man ever came up with to control other people. It is created by man’s imagination and nothing else. It is the scariest scare tactic that should stop spreading and anyone who spread the lies that Hell is real should be made to shut up.

Heaven, too, is a product of malicious thinking. Promising rewards of good fortune, good health and blissful happiness without proof should be sued for false advertisement. People
live just one (conscious) life. After that, nothing else. Promising people that they would be better off without anything in this life is like asking them to set aside all that makes them happy and free. In truth, the heaven concept contradicts with practice of liberty for all men.

Fourth,  shame on you people. Calling it the world youth day. Pure arrogance. Unadulterated pride and sheer arrogance. You are NOT the world and the world is NOT you. Catholicism is but 6% of all religions in the world. If you want to call it world youth day, invite other religions and non-believers, too. If you want to celebrate (not celibate :) the world youth day do it secularly.


They are at it again!

The Catholic Priests are at it again in my country. These people simply has no respect for the government and the government should not pay respect to those people who can’t respect the government. There is nothing wrong in going against abortion. I don’t care if you are for or anti-abortion (but please, before you EDUCATE your followers in these matters, do it scientifically). If you want your followers to fight against something, coercion should not be at the top of the list. Threats of ex-communication and massive smear campaign against people who pursue reproductive health laws in the Philippines are not the ways of a “True Christian” , or is it? By your actions, you tell people that you are pro-population explosion. You are pro-poverty ( remember prayers and how it keeps money in your pockets and away from poor, hopeless souls?) and you are anti-human race.

I am not FOR abortion, that’s for sure. I think it’s all up to the person. People, if you don’t want abortion, start at the roots. Explain the process of reproduction and the repercussions thereof to kids who are old enough to understand. Don’t scare them. Don’t give them false pretenses that you should DO it with the one you LOVE. Remember, at a young age, LOVE could be really really really really really deceptive. Teach them the truth. Give them the tools that they need to make that decision clear in their head. Or at least, when they really decide that they want to experience it (coitus) , they would be smart enough to use protection.

One thing is for sure though: people are lazy. We all are. Lazy enough to ignore that our environment does not heal itself without our help. Lazy enough to ignore that the children, indeed our future would never be without our guidance and help. We are too lazy to understand that there are some things that we need to seek out and pass on to others so that eventually, we would have answers to our most sought-after questions.

Boldly, I say, these priests are too lazy to tell people “it’s ok. You can have fun.” because they are not having any as a punsihment for being to lazy to have real jobs that will be most helpful to the community.

Without religion, there would be no mouths to feed. Only hands that work.

Renz here, OUT!


Live and let live

Hi blog.

Once again, I am offended by people acting strange around fellow atheists.

I hate it that people (Pinoys, listen up!) thinks we are out of our minds not to believe in a super supreme (pizza) being living in the sky watching us in each and every move we make.

I can only say one word : arrogance. This is plain, simple arrogance. I know that I could never acquire all the knowledge that the universe has yet to reveal, but I know and you know this, that IF there is such a thing as an invisible fairy father in the sky beyond our comprehension, would you think it would be interested in your own little evil heart? Sheesh!

And IF it is indeed, why would it? Have you ever thought of that?


It loves you?

Huh? Come again?

LOVE? HA! Got you! Love is human emotion. Love is needing ... Love is wanting ... Love is ... Well, you get the picture. You love because you feel good about it. You feel something COMPLETING you. You feel something INSIDE stirs UP and making you FEEL good. These are purely HUMAN EMOTIONS. This is ANIMAL INSTINCT. One needs chemical imbalance to SEE, HEAR, FEEL LOVE. If you don’t know what I mean, go google up love’s REAL ingredients ;)


I’ll be 29 on the 14th, that is, if you are here on Earth and the Earth haven’t swayed more than 140,000km from its current orbit. Let’s see. I am an atheist (We’re all born atheist, until indoctrinated to be not so) again for the last 6 years. Wow!

Compared to the Earth’s 65Billion Years haha I feel so stupid the earth is approx. only 4.5 Billion years old TalkOrigins.org, ha! I feel like a nano second!

Well. I’m tired still have to do something.
Gonna get back to my plans of taking over the world.

Bwa ha ha ha ha

Good night.