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No rants, just curious. Aren’t Manny’s (Pacquiao) and David’s (Diaz) friends, families and peers, fans etc. all praying for the same thing? Gee, smell bias in there? Oooohhhhh

It was sad to hear ( read, actually), almost a week now, that one of the truly honest people is now dead ( dead, not passed away, he hates euphemisms *laugh*). I am talking about George Carlin. He’s a good comedian. He always makes me laugh. I know that he would not be able to read this. So, to George’s kin, you’ve got some good genes in your system. I just want to honor George by greeting you instead. Though I never get to see him perform live. I will miss his antics. Thanks for the good laugh.

 I passed by St. Francis Square ( ugh, xtian influence is everywhere ... ) and I was rattled by this xtian music playing loudly in a bazaar. Sheesh ... The nerve. If you want to hear praise songs, can you please keep it to yourselves? One more thing. The Judeo-Christian Idea of God is not the merciful of all if you will analyse that “Good Book” of yours. I reckon you haven’t really read the book or if you had, never cared to see the uber-murderous intent of the being you worship as “God.”

Religious tolerance? Get out of here. Theists could not even tolerate theists of other religion. I have no respect for theists and theism. I really don’t. I may keep quiet around people when they are talking about their beliefs, but inside, I am really laughing. What’s there to respect? These age-old traditions are repeatedly proven to tell people things that are not true, and worse, tell them that what they teach are “Truth(s)” that “shall set one free.” I say they are LIES. Lies that bound them to their “Pastor (Masters)” , taking their hard-earned “EVIL MONEY.” That their “GOD” always has problem producing for his “Children,” which, by the way needs “EVIL MONEY” to be able to live one day at a time “To give HIM praise.” Come on people! Wake up! You don’t need to believe in this bozos. They themselves, if only had they been honest to themselves, have doubt in their hearts. They themselves are not sure if the ever-loving, sweet, merciful “God” would be kind enough not to burn their souls for all eternity. Speaking of eternity, did you ever wonder why I am not afraid of burning in the lake of fire (if it really does exist ?) Think of it, you will burn forever, but you will not die. Eventually, you will get used to the heat and torture and all that shit by the time eternity fades off. (THINK: every foreigner I came to meet, always “gets used to” the heat here .)

It’s 430AM already ... My my my time surely flies doesn’t it? I leave these thoughts to you kiddies. Stop worrying about your “God” I am pretty sure, that with the number of angels that surround him all the time, he doesn’t bother about you, or me, or any piece of scum here on earth that he will someday destroy even if he LOVED the people in it.