Pat Condell's Positive

Pat Condell's Positive

I like the way Pat discussed the ill effects of having a religion using irony. Not many atheist can be so harsh on religion. And why shouldn't we, when we do know that religion does not give enough merit to be held so dear by any sane person.


On human errors

Everyone, once in a while takes a wrong turn to the left or to the right. There are no straight paths to success, there are only crooked paths that hone talents, skills, abilities. Avoiding committing errors is like avoiding training. It can also be compared to being resistant to change. And change, is a good thing, I guess.

Committing mistakes are but characteristics of combining imperfect human intellect and imperfect instincts with nature's improbability. Even if our species manage to hone our intellect to surpass our current intellectual capacity tenfold, up to this point, there is no way that the human intellect can act beyond the senses. Sense and perception governs almost 100% of all acts. Choices are acted upon only by individuals when there are choices set, not when there are none given. It can range from a simple yes-no question to a more complex yes-no-maybe-it-depends type. In this regard, mistakes happen when the circumstances at the instance are deemed necessary and sufficient. As what the antagonist in the classic movie "Under Siege 2" said, "assumption is the mother of all f***-ups," same is true in the real world, it seems. Assuming things will happen without real proof that they will (most things eventually happen anyway) in the near future could really shake up decisions that should be well-thought of first in the first place.

Perfecting error-handling should be one of the traits we humans should be perfecting. After all, we don't have time longer than what we have to understand everything.