On the Fellowship of Freethinkers

Yesterday at about 2pm, a group of Filipino Freethinkers (not necessarily atheists, there are deists and theists in the group) got together at the Starbucks' Cafe, Level 6 of Shangri-La Edsa Mall.

What transpired there was more of a friendly chat as opposed to what I expected a group of thinkers would do when herded together in one place. I was expecting a lot of group-segments piled up in their own dogmas, beliefs and aspirations whatever you would want to call it. Instead, I saw one group of people sharing the common interest of forwarding thinking and reasoning not just for themselves but for other people as well.

This made me realize a lot of things.

* If you would try herding a group of cats, you get different meows, different scratches and different disastrous things happening. If you try to herd THINKING cats, you get the same different meows, different scratches and different disastrous things happen but this time you see the difference working together as one

* Freethinkers are feelers, too!

* Freethinkers does not necessarily mean Intellectuals (in the most burgouise-tic sense of it) . They're not necessarily comprised of upper-class people who have so much time in their hands that they have all they for themselves, sitting in a chair in a beach or cave somewhere, doing nothing but thinking. Thinkers instead can be busy people trying to make the most of their lives ( for some of them are sure that this is the only one they have) through self-introspection and observing the world around them.

* Public stigma of Freethinkers that they are too proud of themselves is WRONG!

I say, I had lots (tons) of fun in that friendly activity yesterday. I really hope that there would be more of these (but none-too-soon as I am doing tons of work after lying low the past 2 days). Wish there would be more people ( not too much, though, maybe 40-50 but not a hundred as it tends to get a little bit more difficult to associate names with faces, maybe later) the next time. Don't also forget that on the 28th there would be a Freethinkers' Forum. I posted the details in the past blog, I will be posting more of the details after the next meet which will be next Sunday!

So the Fellowship of Freethinkers adjourned with smile in their faces and hope in their hearts that someday, we will be the instrument in reaching out to people to help them think, make them realize that knowledge and wisdom will always be, ALWAYS BE the greatest weapon against any adversary ( imagined, or unimagined ) they will ever face.



Danny Boy, FCD said...

I'm glad to see you there. Hope you could come on future events.

Geri said...

Nice post and blog, man, very well-meaning and simplicity at best. Keep it coming.

Glad to sit beside you. I enjoyed the murmur of thoughts we had.