Live and let live

Hi blog.

Once again, I am offended by people acting strange around fellow atheists.

I hate it that people (Pinoys, listen up!) thinks we are out of our minds not to believe in a super supreme (pizza) being living in the sky watching us in each and every move we make.

I can only say one word : arrogance. This is plain, simple arrogance. I know that I could never acquire all the knowledge that the universe has yet to reveal, but I know and you know this, that IF there is such a thing as an invisible fairy father in the sky beyond our comprehension, would you think it would be interested in your own little evil heart? Sheesh!

And IF it is indeed, why would it? Have you ever thought of that?


It loves you?

Huh? Come again?

LOVE? HA! Got you! Love is human emotion. Love is needing ... Love is wanting ... Love is ... Well, you get the picture. You love because you feel good about it. You feel something COMPLETING you. You feel something INSIDE stirs UP and making you FEEL good. These are purely HUMAN EMOTIONS. This is ANIMAL INSTINCT. One needs chemical imbalance to SEE, HEAR, FEEL LOVE. If you don’t know what I mean, go google up love’s REAL ingredients ;)


I’ll be 29 on the 14th, that is, if you are here on Earth and the Earth haven’t swayed more than 140,000km from its current orbit. Let’s see. I am an atheist (We’re all born atheist, until indoctrinated to be not so) again for the last 6 years. Wow!

Compared to the Earth’s 65Billion Years haha I feel so stupid the earth is approx. only 4.5 Billion years old TalkOrigins.org, ha! I feel like a nano second!

Well. I’m tired still have to do something.
Gonna get back to my plans of taking over the world.

Bwa ha ha ha ha

Good night.

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